Design & Supply of Air Cargo Handling Systems We offer turn key system solutions from the first step of facility, planning to the operational support during the startup of operation.Planning and design of custom made equipment to suit the operation of the facility and meet our customers demands.
Planning of Air Cargo Handling Facilities " Custom made design of facilities to meet our customers demands " ACS is a leading provider of comprehensive solution in Air Cargo Handling Systems. Our design for interconnected services and products allow us to provide our clients with integrated solution in an existing warehouse or a completely new Air Cargo Handling facility.
Software Solutions Specialized software solutions for the automation of equipment and warehouse management. Beside the classic environment for system installations, we offer customized and integrated computerized technologies to provide and even better quality of service. This enable our customers to meet future challenges of the industry.
Logistic Consulting Consulting services for facility ]planning under consideration of the required material flows in automates environment.
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